A couple of summers ago, Jim and I had the opportunity to hear Andy Andrews speak at the Gaither Family Festival in Gatlinburg, TN. As Andy came up on the stage, he was smiling. He began  to share the importance  and influence a smile has on our interactions with people. Andy encouraged us to try smiling in our interactions with others and take note on how much better our interactions go.

people smiling

Jim and I had a license plate on the front of our car that said; “Smiles are contagious. Let’s start an epidemic.” It is amazing to see the reactions we get from people when they see the quote on the front of our car. The most scorn faced person will see that and their whole expression changes. We have gotten a friendly wave and a thumbs up from people as a result of this license plate.

Everyday, I walk into my son’s former bedroom now guest room/office. One the wall by my desk is a picture of Jesus smiling. The days when Murphy’s Law is taking place, I can go in there and look at Jesus smiling and feel His peace. His picture of Him smiling says; “it’s ok, I am here with you, and all you have to do is trust Me.”

Jesus with children

As I read scripture, I see Jesus smiling. In Matthew 19:14, Jesus says “Let the little children come unto me.” I imagine as He made this statement, He was smiling. He smiled as He talked with the children, played with them and sat them in His lap.  There is no doubt Jesus smiled at His disciples when they would question their Master.  Jesus also had a smile of compassion. This is the smile that broke barriers with the hurting and unwanted.  Thus, allowing Him to share His Father’s love with them.


Have you ever had a bad day and someone walked past and gave you a smile. Didn’t you feel just a little it better about your day? Didn’t you get a little more pep in your step? Or, maybe you gave someone a smile who looked down on their luck. When you did this, didn’t your heart smile,too?

When God created the world, I know He smiled.  He not only smiled but He had and has a sense of humor, too.  He created the earth and the things on this earth for us to enjoy and to make us smile. He created us for His entertainment and I am sure we have Him rolling down the aisle of heaven at times.

My son had to make a Public Service Announcement while in college. His PSA was about the platypus.  Drew says; “The Platypus Preservation Society will be having a picnic on Western’s campus to help these misfits of nature. This awkward cross-breed of beaver and duck is proof that God does have  a sense of humor.”  Creatures such as these were placed here to make us smile!

“The platypus. Proof that God does have a sense of humor.” Drew Hawkins

Smile and your heart will smile.” Smiles are contagious. Let’s start an epidemic.” A new work week is on the horizon. As you begin your week, smile in ALL of your interactions and take note at how good your soul and heart will feel. Then, take note at how people respond to you all because you Smiled!

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