Yes, Dear

Megan and Drew


The other day while getting my nails done, my nail tech and I were sharing with each other about our families and backgrounds. It made for good and interesting conversation. As we talked, I told her that I had a son who would be getting married this summer. As she heard about the details, my nail tech asked me this question “what advice would you give your son as he prepares to get married?” At first thought, my response was for him to learn two words “yes, dear.” Of course we both laughed.

Then, as the conversation progressed, I thought more seriously about her question. “What advice would I give Drew as he plans to get married?” My answer includes the following advice:

Remember to say “I love you” every day. Once you are married, it is so easy to get caught up in the everyday routine of life. As you get caught up in the everyday routine, it is easy to assume that you love each other but those words should be spoken to each other each and every day.

Teamwork is another important key to marriage. It is important to work together on schedules, each others goals, and dreams. You never see a team win that does not work together. It also includes encouraging and helping one another during the hard times as well as in the good times.

Continue to date one another. It is important for you to set aside a date night once a week. This is a time to put the world and work aside and simply enjoy each other’s company. Date night is a time to renew your relationship and to share the dreams that you have together as a couple.

Then, you have heard the saying “always kiss me goodnight.” This saying is so true. Never go to bed angry with one another. Always resolve issues and/or disagreements before you lay your head down at night. Kiss each other goodnight.

In giving advice to my son, Drew on marriage, I know that there are many more things I will think of telling him between now and August.  Yet, the most important piece of advice I give is to always worship together, pray together, and keep Christ in the center of the marriage. A home focused on Christ is a happy home and a home that works through anything and everything. “You can do ALL things as a couple through Christ Jesus who strengthens you.” ( Philippians 4:13 )

As my nail tech was finishing up with my manicure, my husband walks in the salon and catches the last of our conversation. We ask Jim what advice he would give Drew as he prepares for marriage and Jim’s response “yes, dear.”

If you have any words of wisdom for young couples getting ready to tie the knot, feel free to leave me a comment. I would love to hear what other pieces of advice people have for young couples.



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