You Stepped Out

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

Dear Drew,

Thursday Dad and I arrived in Chicago to celebrate your birthday. Friday, we helped you pack to head to a new chapter in your life. Needless to say, it has been a busy and exciting few days for us all.

As Dad and I followed you out of Chicago, I reflected on the past two years. I remembered the day you told me you were going to Chicago to live and work. At the time, you did not have a job. Your plan was to share rent with a friend who was going up and wait tables. When you first shared your plans with Dad and me, we were a little concerned but we knew you had to find your place in this big world.

You moved to Chicago and within a week you had a job that would enrich you, build your résumé and give you that stepping stone you needed in your career. Not only did you beat the odds of a new grad finding a job right after graduation, you found your place, purpose and ministry in this new world before you. You stepped out in faith, trust and allowed God to place you where you needed to be.

While in Chicago, you stepped out in faith in so many ways. First, you stepped out by learning how to survive and live in a big city which is much different from Owensboro, Kentucky. Then, as you learned to survive, you ministered to others. I know you witnessed to an atheist opening their eyes to seeing that God does exist. You not only took homeless people to the sandwich shop to get something to eat, you sat with them and listened to their story. You helped some find shelter for the night. Then, when Christmas came, family gave you countless amounts of snuggies and blankets. You had more blankets than you could use. Instead of allowing them stay packed and unused in your apartment, you took them to the shelter for those who needed them.

Friday afternoon as the Chicago skyline faded and your Trailblazer with U-Haul in tow went down Lake Shore Drive on the interstate, I did not see a skyline fading but a skyline that was touched by you.  You found your place and discovered more of who you are in your first adventure into adulthood. Then, as the Chicago skyline was out of view, the Atlanta skyline was before you. Tomorrow, you will begin to fill new pages to a new chapter in your life.  Drew, you make Dad and me very proud. You have definitely found Your Place In This World. Keep the faith and keep stepping out on that edge!

I love you,                                                                     [tweetmeme]



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