Change Brings Blessings


Change. It happens. As a matter of fact this weekend our time will change. We move forward an hour on our clocks. We enter into a new season on our calendar.  In time, we adapt to the one hour less sleep and the extra hour of time in the evening. As the season progresses, we receive the blessing of the extra hour of daylight by enjoying the things we like to do outside. Then, as we have adapted to this season and time, it will be time to change back once again and we will move into yet another season. It all a part of God’s plan.

Over my lifetime, I look back on changes that have occurred in my life. One change I wrote about was in my post Angel On The Corner of Fifth and Daviess. This is one change that I was very reluctant about going through. My family was relocating from Georgia to Kentucky. Yet, as I write in my post, I am  now glad the change in location happened to our family. Over the years, so many blessings have come to be as a result of this change. Going through this season of my life taught me patience, how to trust God more, and God reminded me that He was in the plan every step of the way. It was through this transition that my relationship grew only stronger with God. I have  leaned on this experience reminding me of how God brought me through when other seasons came and went in my life.

 Each of us face changes. Change comes easy for some of us. Yet, for some of us, change does not come easy.  Some of the changes we face are changes we chose to make and other changes come along without our asking.  Some changes come along against our will.  At times, when change comes about, we question God and ask why it has to be done. We fall resistant to the happenings in our lives.

When change occurs, whether it is voluntary or involuntary, we must remember that God is  the one with the blueprint. He designed each one of us with having our own seasons of life to experience. As His children, we are to accept God’s plan for us and seek the blessings in the change of seasons whether it is voluntary or involuntary. By going through the seasons/changes of life, God teaches us how to trust Him more, how to become more patient, and most of all how to seek His blessings in ALL situations and seasons.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 sums up God’s plan for the seasons in our lives quite well.  To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.  This weekend, we lose an hour of sleep. Personally, I don’t like the idea of losing that extra hour of sleep.  On the flip side, I am confident that with that extra hour given during the day in this season, there will be blessings to experience.

No matter the season and/or change you may be going through right now, remember our God holds the blueprint. As the saying goes, He brought you to it and He will bring you through it.  Embrace this moment of transition and allow it to be a time where you are counting blessings and allowing your relationship with God to grow even better.




4 thoughts on “Change Brings Blessings

  1. Hello April
    Good post here,change is good when we view it positively,that don’t sound right but you know what I mean lol.
    Love ya

  2. Change is where we take a deep breath and hold ever so tightly to our faith. Thanks for your thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings

    • Yes, I had you on my mind when I wrote this. Actually, your move was the illustration I was going to use but I knew you had not put it out there yet and did not want to blow your cover.
      Enjoy your visit with Megan!

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