Stepping Out on the Edge

My son, Drew, who is ever more daring than I would ever be, had his picture taken while lying down on the sky deck of the Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago, Il. Since this picture was taken, Jim and I have gone up to the top of the tower with Drew to see the new sky decks that were added when the Willis Company took over the Sears Tower Building. Needless, to say the view is breath-taking and beautiful. Being the wimp that I am, though, I could not even put my foot on to the sky deck to walk out without feeling like I would  pass out. Therefore, as usual, I left this thrill up to Drew and his dad while I relegated myself to people watching.

When I see this picture, I think about what it means to step out  on the edge. This weekend myself,along with fellow church members, had the opportunity to be a part of a celebration highlighting the mission emphasis at our church. This event gave each person a chance to see how our church is at work in missions, participate in a missions projects, as well as having the opportunity to hear the stories of missionaries.

Not only did we hear stories of what our people in the mission field are doing, we got to hear about how they were called to do mission work. They shared their fears and how they thought they would never be in the field of ministry much less serving in the field of missions  that they are now doing. Several times over I heard verbalized that when God calls us to the mission field, it may require us to go out of our comfort zone and put ourselves out there. It is understood that when we put ourselves out there in this fashion, there is the potential for us facing criticism, pessimism, and a lack of understanding of the call to missions.

As I listened to these stories of how each person ended up in the area of missions, there were questions that kept tugging at my heart.  “What am I doing that requires me to put myself out there?” “Where am I taking a risk?” The answer to my question is this very site that you are reading.  I come from writers within my family. My dad has done a good bit of writing over the years and has had things published. My son’s current job requires him to do alot of writing and he was always creative with his writing when in school. I did not think, however, that I could ever put myself out there on the edge and share my faith as I am doing now. Yet, as I shared in my post several months back He Will Have The Last Laugh, it took my son to ask me what I was passionate about and encouraging me to put myself out there  on the edge and write April’s Faith Thoughts. To be honest, each time I write, it takes a lot of courage to write and share what God has placed on my mind. There is always this underlying fear of offending someone or being criticized for sharing my faith. The feeling is very much like how I felt when I tried to step out on the sky deck of the Sears Tower. Yet, when I turn on my computer and pull up my site to begin drafting what God has placed on my heart, I take a deep breath and say “ok God, its you and me again.” “Let’s do it!”

When we accept Jesus Christ into our lives, we are answering the call to be in missions for Him. We are His representatives with the responsibility to share His love. We don’t have to all pack up and go to Africa. Simple acts of showing Christ’s love can be done by helping with the local homeless shelter, sending cards to those who need encouragement, and praying for others especially those who are serving in volatile areas in the missions field. Missions can also mean donating funds to keep current mission work going, donating items that shelters may need and simple allowing Christ’s love to radiate through us each and every day to every person we meet.  Yes, we may be taken out of our comfort zones now and then but once we step out in faith, we will experience such joy in our hearts.

On a September evening, I tried putting my foot out on the edge of the sky deck and ended up standing against a wall while watching others stepping out. But each week I have decided to step out and share the light of Christ through my writing instead of standing by and reading what others are writing and wishing I had the courage to do what they are doing. Thus, my theme of my site is a familiar verse You are the light to the world. A city on a hill that cannot be hidden.”(Matthew 5:14)  My prayer is that each time I write that my light shines for Christ and that someone may just get the encouragement they need as they journey through this life.

My friend, some day the opportunity will present itself where you will have to make a decision.  Are you going to take that deep breath and accept the call, or are you going to wimp out and stand against the wall and watch someone else do it instead?



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  1. great post! As my family and I just took a faith leap this past week, it is good to be reminded that God is with us, orchestrating every opportunity. Thanks!

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