Why Worry


"Don't worry! Be Happy!


Why worry? Have you ever thought about what worry does to the soul? Is there someone you know who worries too much. Or, maybe you are someone who worries. Now, think about the things you know that someone worries over or you worry over. Did or does worrying over those issues help the situation? Is there eternal peace?

What does worry do to a person? First of all, when we worry, we are allowing Satan to have a hold on our lives. Satan wants us to be anxious, worried and in turmoil. Nothing satisfies him more than to see us get ourselves tied into one big knot. Thus, this knot causes us to be unhappy, stressed, and sometimes can even make us physically ill.

By worrying, we are not only allowing Satan have control but we are also letting him steal our joy. When I hear someone is worried about future events, I remind them that if they sit there and worry about tomorrow today that they are allowing Satan steal the joy that God has planned for them in the moment. Each day, God has so many wonderful blessing for us to absorb. There is no doubt in my mind that it saddens God when we worry. His plan for us is not to worry but to enjoy life to its fullest. 

Now, you may ask how does one not worry or overcome worry?   From my own personal experience it is being conscious that God is in control and Satan would love to be in control. Thus, I have a choice of who is going to control the day and/or the situation. Along with the choice of who is going to be in control, I go to the scriptures. Among reading some of my favorite Psalms and other scriptures, Matthew 6:27 always comes to my mind. This scripture states;  Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? This scripture puts worry into clear perspective that it won’t add any more time to your life. Worry  will take an hour or maybe more away from your life.

Along with reading scripture, and making the choice NOT to worry, I will write blessings from the day.  I encourage you  to write your  blessings. We all have one blessing and that is God woke you up this morning! Praise God! He has given you another day to receive His blessings and joy.

Last but certainly not least, pray! When worry tries to take over my mind and spirit, I drop to my knees. I give it all to God.  As I am on my knees, I envision myself being embraced in God’s wonderful arms and He says to me; don’t worry, I’ve got it, you are my child, and trust My wonderful plan for you. Thus, unexplainable peace begins to surround me and I see the beauty of the day and the blessings that are meant for me.

Next time you are worried, remember you have a choice, seek the scriptures, pray, and count your blessings. Then, allow God to embrace you in His wonderful arms and love.  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1Peter 5:7.  Just as the video says; don’t worry, be happy!  God has it all under control. So, why worry?

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