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Author: Bagande
Love one another.



My Dearest Loved One,

Today, you celebrate your love with those who mean most in your life. You will express this love with flowers, candy, cards, and special songs. Love for one another is one of the most precious gifts that I gave you to share with others.

As you go through this day, I ask that you remember the greatest love of all. I sent this love to you over two thousand years ago. This love is my Son Jesus Christ. I sent Him to show you what grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love truly means. What greater love is there than someone as my Son laying down His life so that you can be with me one day in my Kingdom?

From above, I see people who want to be loved so badly not knowing that my love for them is available anytime.  Today is Valentine’s Day. It is the day to demonstrate my love to those who are lonely, hurting and who need to experience my love for them. Can you do me a favor? As you go through your celebrations of candy, flowers and cards, could you stop for one moment and give that one  person on the street a handshake, a smile or buy them a cup of coffee? Then, over that cup of coffee would you tell them about me?  Please let them know I love them so very much. My arms are open and waiting to greet them with big hugs and kisses!

In the meantime, I send you my love today from above. I send you big hugs and kisses. Along with the hugs and kisses that I send today, remember my Son and His love lives with you every day.  May you always experience and demonstrate my great love every day to those around you.

I love you,


Based on:   1 John 4

‘We love because he first love us.’ 1John 4:19


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