God Speaks. I Write. He Reveals His Plan.

Is there anybody there?

“I will lift my eyes to the hills- from whence comes my help? My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2


We can be confident that His desire to reveal will always be greater than our desire to know. Corrie Ann Pearce

In my post He Will Have The Last Laugh , I shared how I began writing my Faith Thoughts and started my website. It was through my son, Drew, asking me about my passion and God telling me to write. In my November post,  I shared about  God  having the last laugh with me. God had a plan and He knew I would one day share my faith in words.

As I look back on the posts that I have written, it has been revealed to me that I have not just been sharing my faith, telling how God is in control, and how we should trust Him. God has also been talking to me through my own writings. You have heard the quote physician heal thyself. In recent days, I have gone back and read some of the articles I have written.  In these, I see how  God was talking to me through these words. Talking about the advice being right there in front of one’s nose! God has reminded me that he loves me, he is my strength, I need to “Let go and let Him”, and that I need to trust Him.  I can only imagine how King David felt as he wrote the Psalms.

Through this reflection, God has revealed  to me even more how life is a great tapestry. In the last few months, I see many threads being woven into a bigger picture. These threads not only include the scriptures and thoughts I share. They include you the reader, the comments you send back to me, and the new Christian writers that I have met through the blog writing community. As a result, the tapestry becomes brighter, more colorful and all the more beautiful each time I share my thoughts with you.

Often, I share the quote God has a plan and its a good plan. I did not think that writing was part of my life’s plan.  Through these writings I not only step out in faith and share, but I learn more about myself, God’s love for me, and how God has everything under control.  I have responded to some of your comments with God speaks, I write.   Also know that not only is He speaking to me to share His light and love with you. He and I are conversing with each other. In my conversation with God, one more bright thread is being added to my tapestry.

As you go through the days ahead, reflect back on the things you have done, said, and shared with someone.  When you do reflect on these things, I know that God is going to reveal a few beautiful threads that have been woven in your tapestry. These may have been something you have shared with someone that turned out to be the very advice you needed to know now.

God speaks. I write. Thus He reveals his purpose and plan. AMAZING and AWESOME!

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