What Is Your Heart Condition?

What Is Your Heart Condition?


If you ever attended Bible School or Sunday School, I am sure that you are familiar with the song “oh, be careful little ears what you hear, oh, be careful little mouth what you say, for the Father up above is looking down with love.” As I read Newsfeed, comments and status on Facebook, this song comes to mind. Along with the original lyrics, I have lyrics that run through my mind as I read and post on Facebook.  These lyrics are ‘”oh, be careful little fingers what you type.”

Our social media world is a wonderful tool for communicating, gathering information, and sharing our thoughts. However, it is also a world where verbal hurts occur. Words can be the most hurtful written or spoken.  I know that there are times when people have put a status on their Facebook or tweeted a statement to regret that they ever put those thoughts out there. Yes, you can take what you have written off of Facebook or delete what was written on twitter, but, there are times when it may be one moment too late.  One person out there has seen what was written and they are hurt and/or offended deeply.

When this type of incident happens, one may say; “Oh, I really didn’t mean it” or ” I was just kidding”, or “I was under a lot of stress.”  However, are these excusable and acceptable excuses?  Matthew 12:34 clearly says; “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.  The scripture reminds us that our words come from the condition of our heart.

Yes, we are all human and we have all spoken or written something that may have hurt someone. The key is to seek forgiveness and to imprint the scripture from Matthew into our hearts and minds. Thus, whether it being using the social media tools to communicate or speaking directly to a person, we need to be in check with the condition of our heart.  We need to be in constant prayer asking God to put the correct words into our heart that need to be expressed.  Therefore, we all must  remember; “oh, be careful little mouth what you say.”  Furthermore when we  type a message or share a comment, remember, “oh, be careful little fingers what you type.” Our words can help, encourage and demonstrate God’s love. Or, our words can sometimes cause  damage and hurt. Unfortunately, when hurtful or offensive things are said, it can sometimes take hours, sometimes days and yes, even years to undo.

The challenge for the days ahead is to examine the heart before we speak. Let’s let our words be words of encouragement, love, hope and demonstrate God’s love. Then, if someone says something that hurts or offends, put God’s grace and forgiveness into practice.  Remember, He is looking down with love.



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