Light In The Storm

"This little light of mine; I'm going to let it shine!'


As Jim and I sat watching the winter storm via the Weather Channel that was beginning to blast Chicago, Jim was on the phone with our son, Drew, who lives in Chitown.  Not only was Jim telling Drew what the weather guys were reporting but he was also  advising Drew on what to do if he were to lose power. 

As Jim, was giving Drew advice on what to do if he were to lose power, our lights began to flicker. Ok, they flickered once, then twice, and then they were out! Boy, what an ironic turn of events. Drew in Chicago enduring a historical blizzard and we’re here in Owensboro with 50 degree weather and lose power! Admittedly, we were having some very high wind which can cause a power outage. As Jim and I sat in the dark, we looked at  each other and laughed at the ironic turn of events.For a few moments, the only light we had was the light from my computer screen.

Picking up the laptop, I navigated using its light to go to the laundry room to find our battery operated lantern and some candles. Little by little, I began to light candles around the house, and locating the flash lights. As each candle was lit, the light began to glow and the room became brighter.

There are people around us that are walking around in the dark every day. No, it is not because they are deprived from having the physical light or electricity. But, it is because they do  not know the greatest love story of Jesus Christ. As believers and followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to share the light of Christ with others. 

When I began my web site, Drew encouraged me to develop a theme/purpose for my site. So, I began to think about what I was writing and why I was writing.  In my heart, I knew I wanted to touch lives and share the light of Christ via the internet. Thus, I chose Matthew 5:14You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden’  to be my purpose and scripture for “April’s Faith Thoughts.”  You can see this scripture at the top of my Home Page.

Not only were people experiencing a winter storm in Chicago and in many other areas in the United States. But, there are many people who are experiencing personal winter storms. These storms may be so bad to the point that they have a power outage feeling as though God has abandonded them. Or, maybe they have never been shown the light and love of Christ and they need to see that bright glow of hope.

God did not create any of us to sit in the dark. Just as Jim advised Drew of what to do in case the lights went out, God has given us clear instructions through His Word of how to keep our light shinning and how to share it with others.  Today, follow God’s advice and allow His light shine through you for others to see and experience.



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