Are You Gonna Play Fetch?

A female black Labrador Retriever named Ellis.

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Our first family dog was a black Lab. We adopted Abby from a local person who rescued dogs.  Drew was six when Abby joined our family. Abby was a wonderful, loving dog. But, she was not your typical black lab.

If you know black labs, you know one of their traits is the  love to play fetch. Over the years, we tried and tried to play fetch with Abby but we were never successful in this game. Literally, we could throw a ball or ball or freezbie but all Abby would do was sit there. She would look at you as if she was saying “I’m not like the others.” Thus, we  finally accepted the fact that Abby just didn’t play fetch. Yet, she demonstrated what the word loyal meant. She was dedicated to our family to the final hour she was with us.

Satan  wants us to be constantly running after things that we know are not good for us. When  Satan throws out that ball of temptation with hopes that we will fetch and play his game, we have a choice. We can go ahead and play his game. Or, we can simply make the statement;  “I’m not like the others.”  In this process, we have to stay persistent and continue to stare Satan down until he gets the message that we are not going after his ball.  One thing that really sticks Satan is someone who is loyal and dedicated to their faith and to their Heavenly Father.

Yes, I have always heard that when you are a pet owner, there are lessons that can be learned. Abby did teach our family the lesson of not buying into what others were doing or expecting and what it means to be your true self. My challenge for you in the days ahead is when the ball of temptation is thrown out there for you to fetch, to take that as an opportunity to demonstrate your loyalty and dedication to your faith and your Creator. Remember, a Child of God does not have to be like the others.

Blessed is the man who endures temptation, for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him. James 1:12

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