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“Give me  your eyes for just one moment.” This is the main lyric to the song by Brandon Heath’s Give Me Your Eyes. It is also a song and a lyric that really makes me stop and think each time I hear it played over the airways.  Gee, I wonder how we would respond and act if we totally saw people as Jesus sees them.  I am sure if we made a conscious effort of seeing people through the eyes of Christ we would see others in a whole new light and quickly changing our opinion.

When Jesus met the woman at the well, He saw a woman who was hurting. Jesus saw a woman who wanted to be truly loved for the right reasons. Yet, society saw her as an outcast and had nothing to do with her.  Then, there is the time where Jesus healed the gentleman who had leprosy. Again, Jesus saw a man who wanted to be healthy and made whole through and through.  But, society saw this man as a person who was unclean and just figured that he had sinned to have leprosy.  You may also recall the woman who as about to be stoned to death because of adultery. Yet, Jesus approached the judgemental crowd and said ” you without sin throw the first stone” (John 8:7). Thus, the crowd walked away and Jesus said to the lady “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

In today’s world, we are all guilty of sizing someone up and judging them even though we may not know them.  We look across a crowded room and single one person out and we begin writing their life story in our heads. Yet, we have not met them. Along with the fact that we have not met them, we also not dare to venture across the room to meet them and learn their story.  It is sad, but it is so true.  As a result, the opportunity is missed in  getting to know another Child of God and possibly introducing them to a life with Jesus.  Or, the missed opportunity is we miss hearing a testimony that we so needed to hear.

“Give me your eyes for just one moment.” This lyric should become our daily prayer as we begin our day and go out into the world. We need to ask Jesus to reveal us to Him through those we encounter during the day. So, how about it? Will you ask God to give you the eyes of Christ for just one moment? If the answer is yes, then be ready to be amazed!

Check out the video “Give Me Your Eyes.” You will have to click “Watch on Youtube” to see the video ( you may have to bear a one minute commercial as the video loads). As you watch, ask God to give you Christ-like eyes.


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