Angel At The Post Office


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God reminds us of His presence.

My Papa Jack was a quiet and frail little man. In the ten years that I knew him, I grew to be very close to him.  As a result of having emphysema, he struggled to breathe on a daily basis.  However, no matter how he felt, Papa always dressed in his Sunday best.  Along with his Sunday best attire, he always wore a hat to compliment his outfit when going out and about.  Anytime I came to visit Papa, he would always give me a quarter on my departure home.

My grandmother joined Papa when I was about twenty-five and a mom of a two-year old. One day in the midst of my grief,  my two-year old son Drew and I made a trip to the Post Office. As we were finishing up with our business, a small frail man dressed in his Sunday best with a hat to compliment the attire, came over to Drew and me.  He bent over and spoke to Drew with the words “you’re a fine young man.”  As he spoke these words to Drew, he gave Drew a quarter.  Then, as I glanced down to tell Drew to tell the man thank you, this gentleman dressed in his Sunday best had disappeared.  I looked all over the Post Office lobby and the parking lot hoping to see him but he was no where in sight.

God sent Drew and I an angel that day.  With this angel, God sent Drew and I a smile from heaven and a simple reminder that He was watching and still is watching over us.  To this day, when I reflect on that day almost twenty-two years ago, I still feel joy in my heart and a warm reminder that God is watching over me.

As you begin your week, be attentive. You may just experience a little smile from heaven that will fill your heart with joy at that moment and in the days to come.  Just as God has His eye on the tiny sparrow, He is also watching over you.

“You fill me with joy in your presence.” Psalm 16:11



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