Zacchaeus being called down from the tree. Fro...
“Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must come to your house to today.” Luke 19:6


The Sunday after Christmas, Jim and I worshiped with his family in his home church.  As the moment arrived in the service for the children to come to the altar to have time with the pastor, the minister asked the kids what did they do or have special during the holidays. One of the young boys stated that he and his family had steak and eggs for Christmas breakfast. The minister responded by saying “I’m coming to your house next Saturday for breakfast!” “YES” exclaimed the little boy.  He was excited just at the mention of the pastor coming to his house. However, I am sure the mom of this sweet little boy was gradually sinking in her pew.

As Jesus entered Jericho, a short little man named Zacchaeus was anxious to see Jesus. However, there were so many people gathering that he was having great difficulty seeing over the crowd. As the story is told, Zacchaeus climb up  a tree  just to see Jesus.  Yet, as Zacchaeus sat in the tree anxiously anticipating just a simple view of Jesus,  Jesus approached Zacchaeus and told him to come down out of the tree.  Zacchaeus did as he was instructed and then heard the simple words ” I must stay at you house.” Knowing how anxious Zacchaeus was to see Jesus, I am sure that when he heard Jesus speak those words he responded with a “YES!”

If Jesus were to approach us today and say that He was coming to our house, how would we respond? Would we respond with  “YES!” as the little boy did in the worship service and as Zacchaeus received Jesus in his home. Or, would we gradually start sinking and think to ourselves, “the beds aren’t made”, “I don’t have a thing to cook,” or the biggest thought of all “I am not worthy of His visit.”

Zacchaeus was not a popular man. He was a tax collector. Of all the people for Jesus to single out, He called out Zacchaeus and said He was coming to see him no matter  Zacchaeus’ condition at  home and in his  heart.  Once Jesus left, Zacchaeus was a changed man. He no longer cheated people and he helped with the poor. He learned humility and unconditional love for others  from the Master.

Today, we have the opportunity to invite Christ into our home.  We invite Him to our home through our devotional time and prayer time. But, devotional and prayer time is not the only way we invite Christ to our home. He says He is coming to our house everytime our door bell rings.  It is through our receiving others into our home that we are receiving Christ. It is through the fellowship of these unplanned visitors that we are changed and we have the opportunity to practice the humility, hospitality and unconditonal love that Christ came to demonstrate to us.  Thus, the next time you get that  phone call or the door bell rings when you weren’t planning to receive guest, how will you respond? Will you say “oh no!” or will it be a “YES!”? 

I encourage you to read Luke 19:1-10 in the days ahead. Remember the words of Christ; “I am coming to your house.”  “YES!”


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