You’re Invited!

Susan's first party dress
“Blessed is the man who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.” Luke 14:15

‘Everyday should be a party dress day’ is a quote that I saw on a sign as I was ‘browsing’ through Hobby Lobby. It made me think about the Christmas Season and upcoming New Year‘s celebrations.  Party dresses to be worn and the guys dressed in their finest attire. Yet, when the season is over, the decorations will be put away along with the party clothes.

Whoa, hold on! When it is time to put things in storage, don’t put those party clothes away! God has planned a party for you everyday this next year and you are invited!  Joyce Meyer explains in her book Eat The Cookie; Buy The Shoe, that God invites us to join Him in his party.   An example that she uses in one of her chapters is Jesus calling His disciples. When calling these men to follow Him, He was inviting each one to join Him in the party.  She goes on to say “it is in our living for God and serving others with a Christlike mind that we are participating in God’s party.”  Thus, everyday is a celebration and everyday we are invited by God to join Him in His party.

2011 will soon be here.  As we make  our New Year’s Resolutions which we will most likely break on January 2nd, let’s accept God’s invitation. This year may we keep our party attire out to wear everyday.   Let’s celebrate each day, love one another, and serve others with a  Christlike mind.  As we are celebrating, let’s invite others to join us in this party with God.  It is a party like no other! Happy New Year!


Excerpt taken from Eat The Cookie; Buy The Shoe by Joyce Meyer (p.30)                   [tweetmeme]


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