“This is my command: Love one another” John 15:17


I Just Called To Say I Love You was a popular Stevie Wonder hit song in the early 80’s and it is still heard a lot on the airways today.  As the holiday season progresses,  phone calls are made to family and friends that cannot be together for the holdiay. The calls usually consist of up dates, well wishes to one another and to simply say “I love you.”  For me, not only do I make and receive  calls to for the holiday but I get a special  phone call  each day at lunch. On his lunch break, Jim gives me a call.  The phone call is a simple mid day reminder that he loves me and is thinking about me. After many years of being together, my heart still smiles when that mid morning phone ring comes through.

If you think about the lyrics to this song, it can be and is a reminder that God loves us. He calls us everyday to tell us that he loves us. He does this by waking us up, answering or not answering a prayer, and through the interactions that we have each day.  He gave us the ultimate phone call over 2000 years ago when His Son was born in a manger and then later died for our sins. (John 3:16) Today, anticipate His phone call and may your heart smile when you hear His ring and answer His call.  Not only be aware of God’s calling you to say I love you, but as this year comes to an end, give someone a call and tell them you love them.   Your phone call will not only make their heart smile but your heart will also smile.