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“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5


Dawn Gibson is a blog writer that have followed from the time I began to write. One of the first blogs I read of her’s was in 2010 called Gift Wrap Envy. In this post she shares how the time has come to wrap her Christmas gifts but does not look forward to the task.  Apparently, gift wrapping is not her specialty and worries that the packages won’t be perfect. She is like me in wanting that perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas! Yet, in the end of her post, she resolves that she will wrap her gifts to the best of her abilities and will get nothing but pure joy out watching the expressions of those who will unwrap the gifts on that magical Christmas morning.

Reflecting on what Dawn wrote, I myself could relate to her frustration. Now, if any of you get a gift from me that is not in a gift bag and is neatly wrapped, I can all but guarantee that I did not wrap it.  In 1985, I got lucky and married a guy who knows how to fold every corner in place. By the time he is done wrapping, it looks like a masterpiece except for the bows and ribbons.  Bows and ribbons are where I come in on putting the gift together.  However, me at Christmas tying bows as Jim wraps is quite comical. By the time all is said and done, I have bows that I am quite proud of on packages but I am also all tied up in ribbon!  I guess you can say I get really involved in my bow tying!

Over the last few days, I have communicated with Dawn via comments and email.  We have learned that we have a lot in common down to liking sweet tea and she has family in Kentucky.   It is apparent that we are probably perfectionist want to be’s but it is out of our realm  especially on the gift wrapping skills.  Yet, through this post,  God spoke to me. He made me realize that I am not perfect and everything I do does not have to be perfect. God sent His Son to help me, my new friend Dawn, and all of us to strive to perfection until we are perfected when we join God in His heavenly home.

Her post also made me realize that the package does not have to be perfect in order to be accepted. It is the love and expressions that bring joy to the heart when the gift is received.   So many times God has called me to do something and I would neglect the call or put it off because everything in life was not quite perfect to do the task just yet. But, God doesn’t want Dawn, me or you to be perfect when we are called to do His work.  God wants us to join Him in His work as we are and  He will make the perfect folds and corners in our life.  He is the potter and we are the clay ( Isaiah 64:8).  Just like the imperfect wrapping on a Christmas gift that is received with love and excitement, God gets excited when we join Him in His work.

As you wrap your Christmas gifts, don’t worry if  the folds and corners aren’t perfect but just reflect on the perfect gift that was wrapped in swaddling clothes that first Christmas morning.  Afterall, He was sent for our imperfections.

Christmas Blessings,

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