Apple of God’s Eye

You are the apple of God’s eye!!



Whew! Where has the year gone? Soon Christmas gifts will be opened and our bellies stuffed with Christmas goodies.  As you sit and savor the moments of family and friends, reflect on God‘s love for you.  During the past year, what has God done to protect you? What joys and blessings has He brought to you and/or your family? Did God ever really let you down though you thought He had at times? I am guessing that the answer to the last question is no.

For, as Christians, we have learned to trust God. We have learned that His ways are not our ways nor His answers the answers we always want. Yet, we still trust Him. Deep within our hearts, we know that God is our protector, our provider and He knows all of our needs.  God does this because we were created in His image and we are His precious children. We are the apple of His eye!

In the midst of wrapping up 2010 and looking into 2011, carry Psalm 17:8 with you in your heart; “Keep me as the apple of Your eye, Hide me under the shadow of Your wings.”  Along with carrying this verse in your heart, remember you are a Child of God and He loves you so very much. Put your hand in His and allow Him to lead you out of this year into the new year. Then, along the way, remind someone you encounter how much God loves them and how they are also the ‘apple of His eye’.

Christmas Blessings 


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  1. Isn’t that awesome? That the God of the universe knows each of us. Intimately. I’ve been a Christian for 31 years…..and the thought of that is still amazing to me.

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