An Angel Corner of Fifth and Daviess

Location of Owensboro within Kentucky.

“The Lord replied, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14

“No!” I don’t want to move back to Kentucky!” These were the words I screamed to Jim in the Spring of 1990. We had been living in Athens, Georgia for the past two years.  I loved living there because I got to be with my grandmother the last two years of her life, there was family there and I finally felt like I had some sort of roots. I grew up in a Methodist Minister’s home which meant you moved every four or five years.  So, I was planted and ready to stay. 

Though I was wanting and ready to stay, God had other plans for our family.  The doctor in charge of the private practice that Jim had been working with was having some health problems and decided he needed to size down which meant closing the practice.  Jim had been looking all around the Georgia area for a new job but was not having any luck.  Then, he decided to call his current supervisor and ask if there were any job possibilities in the Owensboro area.  Bruce told Jim to come up and they would talk. 

You see, Jim and I had lived in Owensboro when we first married and then our life took twist and turns that took us to Athens, Georgia. Jim had remembered how well the school systems were in this area and that was important because we now had a three-year old son. He recalled how strong the churches were  and had some friends from  college from the Western Kentucky area that made quite an impression on him.  In Jim’s heart, he felt that God was leading our family back to Kentucky.

Still hurt, mad and not wanting to move, I came up with Jim on the initial visit regarding employment and then the ball started rolling. The next thing I knew we were looking for a house to buy and then  putting a contract on one.  The day before we were to come to Owensboro to close on our home, the doctor of the practice that Jim had worked with pulled him into his office. He explained to Jim that he did not want Jim to leave and had planned to bank roll Jim in his own practice.  “Whoa, hold the brakes”, we thought as this was put before us.  Jim and I looked at each other and began asking each other a lot of questions as we began our trip to Kentucky to seal the deals that had been set before us. We stopped over night at a hotel  where we spent the night restless, arguing and in tears over what to do. However, the next morning, Jim picked up the phone and called the doctor and told him that we were continuing on with our plans to move to Owensboro.

Needless to say, the rest of the trip to Kentucky was not a pleasant one for Jim.  After we closed on the house, Jim made an attempt to put a band-aid on my hurt and took me to the furniture store. He wanted me to pick out new living room furniture for our home.  As we looked at sofas and such, we realized we needed take a measurement of  the living room as to not buy something too big. Jim called the realtor and asked if we could meet at the house to measure. On our way to the house, Jim took Fifth Street which was a one way street. Either Jim did not remember from when we lived here before it was one way or he was simply distracted from the fits I was having.He began to turn left on Daviess Street from the right hand lane! Next, there was a crash of two cars colliding us and another vehicle!

In order to not tie up traffic, both cars were able to pull into the church parking lot on the corner of Daviess Street. As Jim and I were getting out of the car, a lady appeared. She said she had heard the crash. This lady asked if we were okay and asked if the baby was hurt. “Baby?” How did she know we had our son in the back seat. We had not even gotten him out of the car.  Once Jim pulled Drew out of the car and saw he was okay, this lady took our hands and said told us she wanted to pray with us. She prayed about everything on our hearts and minds.  She called us by name. Yet, we had not told her what was heavy on our hearts nor our names.

The police came to write-up the accident report. As we began to walk over to the police officer with our information, we turned to thank this sweet little lady who was the first to appear on the scene, but we were not able to thank her because she was not there. Jim and I looked to see if we saw anyone of her description walking away or crossing the street but there was no one.

To this day, neither one of us go through the intersection of  Fifth and Daviess where we don’t think about our angel who came to be with us not only during an accident but during turmoil in our lives and hearts. It was her assurance that brought peace about the path God had put before us and the decision we had made. 

There are times when God places a path before us where we may not understand why we have to take that route and it even may cause a little turmoil. But, in the end, God sends His assurances that He is with us and that His plan is the right plan and it is a good plan. The outcome of the road Jim and I took to  where we live has been blessed for the last twenty years. Drew received a wonderful education, got to be a part of a wonderful community, blessed with a wonderful Christianrunning coach in high school, and youth group at church. Along with those blessings, Jim and I have been blessed with wonderful friends, blessings of many kinds and memories.  Thanks to an angel on the corner of Fifth and Daviess, our hearts were stilled and opened to the blessings that were to come and have since been received.  Yet, at Fifth and Daviess, we are reminded that there are yet many more blessings to come.

All of us think we have our lives all planned out then God comes along and tells us differently.  We are all familiar with the saying, “We make plans and God laughs.” If there is something that has been put before you that is causing confusion and turmoil in your heart, it is my prayer that you will experience God’s presence in the midst of your journey. Remember what Hebrews 13:2 says: Do not forget to entertain strangers for by doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”





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  1. This story is great. It gave me goosebumps! Thanks for checking out my blog on “Freshly Pressed” today. We seem to have quite a bit in common. BTW, my mom and sister and her family live in Kentucky. Whitley County (all the way on the other side of the state)
    Hope you have a great evening! Hope to hear from you again:)

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