Mom; FOCUS!!


Elizabethtown (film)

Elizabethtown (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mom focus!” is one of our favorite lines in the movie Elizabethtown. The reason that line is a favorite is because the character Drew is very much like our son Drew. As a matter of fact, Drew’s family in the movie is very much like going to a Hawkins’ family reunion.  We laugh because Paula Dean’s role reminds us so much of Jim’s mom ( in a good way of course!).   The similarities of the character Drew and our Drew as well as the other characters in the movie  seemed to spook our Drew when he saw the movie for the first time.

Not to give away the movie, but Drew’s father had gone to Elizabethtown to visit relatives when he passes away during his visit. Drew is sent to Elizabethtown to make the proper funeral arrangements for his dad.  There is one scene where Drew has called his mom to confirm her specific wishes regarding his dad’s funeral arrangements.  As he is  on the phone with his mom, confirming her wishes on arrangements since they do not coincide with the Elizabethtown relatives,his mom is on the other end  back in Oregon spinning her wheels over everything. It is obvious that Drew’s mom is not paying attention to what he is asking nor telling her.  She is on one big tangent! Drew finally yells to his mom, “Mom Focus!”.

Yes, yours truly has had a similar exchange with her Drew.  Fortunately, it hasn’t been over funeral arrangements. Our exchange has been over other issues that Drew was trying to get squared away with me.  Drew is trying to get information from me, or give me information, and I am updating him on the past month’s church services, back issues of Messenger-Inquirer, who I ran into at Kroger and whatever else is on the brain at the time. Drew accuses me of having ADD and I don’t think I am that extreme (LOOK! a squirrel! OOPS! Got distracted!).   Drew has actually yelled me over the phone “Mom Focus!” and sometimes face to face.  Jim says it is like trying to swat a bumblebee in a 4×4 room.  This scene can be very comical to the innocent bystander. 

There are times in our Christian life where we are everywhere but where we need to be with God.  We are that bumblebee in the 4×4 room and God is swatting at us and trying to get us to sit still and focus on Him.   I’m sure  God wants to yell at us and say “focus!”. Our world is so fast paced and it seems more and more distractions come our way.  These distractions can easily take our focus off of God.  We forget that we are here to live our life for Him and for His glory.

We are called by God to focus on His word and His plan for us.  When we stay focused on God’s word, we are less likely to be distracted from the worldly things and are more apt to do what He has called us to do.  All that life sends our way is so much easier to deal with when we turn our eyes towards Jesus. God did not place us here to spin our wheels and be on a never-ending tangent as Drew’s mom was in the movie.  He placed us here to enjoy life to its fullest and to bring Him joy.

Now, when my Drew says to me “Mom focus!” , it not only makes me aware my wheels are spinning faster than anyone can keep up. It also makes me realize that I not only  need to listen to him but maybe I am getting out of  focus with God.   Are you focused on God? Or, are you that bumblebee in the 4×4 room? Life is more abundant when the focus is on God.

My son, Drew….who keeps me in check