You’re Still My Only One

April & Jim November 23, 1985

Dear Jim,

Today we celebrate 25 years of wedded bliss!  If anyone ask me if I would do it again, my reply would be “yes”! The past 25 years are a beautiful woven tapestry.

Do you remember the date? June 1, 1983 we were in the Lambuth Inn at Lake Junaluska, NC participating in summer staff orientation.   When I saw you in the dinner line, I knew then that you would be my one and only for life.   Later in the evening, our eyes literally met during an orientation game where we had to look into each other’s eyes for two minutes without saying anything.  The purpose of this game was to teach us as staff that we would meet all kinds of people in the summer and that it was important to see what was in the heart of a person.  At that moment, I saw your heart.  In your heart, I saw love, compassion, grace, and kindness.

April & Jim @ Memorial Chapel Lake Junaluska, NC 2010

Over the years,  you have  demonstrated not only your love for me but our Father’s love.  Along with seeing inside your heart, I also learned from you about what it means to persevere, to trust God and be a team.    We knew that if we were to be together and we would have to trust God,  work as a team and persevere.   In 1983, there were no computers with internet, no cell phones with unlimited minutes and texting, no facebook or twitter.   It was through writing several times a week, calling at a set time on Saturday night, you  driving down to see me once a month, me flying up to see you on the holidays and great determination that kept us together and our love alive.

If I had it to do over again, I would do it all again.  The obstacles we faced as a dating couple and as a married couple are nothing compared to what life would be if you weren’t there.  Together, we have stood the test of time,  taken many test together and got through them with the help of God, we have learned a lot about grace and forgiveness!  Through the years, we have so many wonderful memories of special occasions and trips together.  We have had moments where we stopped and had a good belly laugh together.   Yes, we also have faced disappointment together. There  have also been times we have  grieved together, cried on each other’s shoulder and held each other up. Along the way, God has blessed us with family, friends and acquaintances that have left footprints on our hearts.

It only seems like yesterday that my Dad was walking me down the aisle giving me to you.    November 23, 1985, began our life together. Today, we look at our past and learn what it has taught us.  Then, hand in hand, we look to the future.  Neither one of us know what the future holds but we do know that God will make our tapestry all the more beautiful as we journey on together.

Today, I celebrate spending 25 years with my best friend.   The last 25 years are a woven tapestry of beauty and I would do it all again!  You are still and always will be  my one and only.

I love you!



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