The Perfect Gift

Drew @ Nativity @ Wesleyan Heights UMC

Tis’ the Christmas Season has arrived! Ready or not, it is time to pull out those favorite Christmas tunes, decorations, and make our list for gifts.  Thoughts are going through your mind like: ” I don’t know what to give him/her this year!” or “I don’t know what they need or want!”.

Well, worry no more! I have the perfect gift for you to give this year.  This gift comes with no need for batteries, no assembly is required and there is no need for a box because it will not fit into a box.   There is no worry about anyone standing in an after Christmas return line.  Also, money is no object because this gift has been paid in full.   The perfect gift will bring joy, hope, peace, grace  and love year round.

Over two thousand years ago, God knew that the world  needed a gift from him.  A gift that would bring us all peace, hope, love, joy and grace. God wrapped this gift in swaddling clothes where He laid in a manager the night He was born.  The first Christmas carols were sung by the angels announcing the birth of the Messiah; King of Kings; and Ruler of All Nations! God even sent the  first decoration  with the bright star that  announced the Christ Child’s birth.  This star led shepherds, wise men and others to the stable to see the gift God had sent the world.  It is no doubt that for those who experienced receiving this gift first hand were  nothing but in awe and joy seeing the Christ Child.

God loves us so much that he wanted to give you and me a gift. He sent his ONLY Son. His  Son Jesus was sent to show all of the world  love, hope, peace, joy and grace.  In His lifetime He was a walking example of what it meant to love one another, to care for others, to experience joy, He brought peace and taught  how to forgive. For this gift, we owe nothing to God.  The price was paid in full on a cross on Calvary.   Through the blood of God’s lamb, our sins are forgiven and the doors to Paradise are opened for you and me.

When the thoughts of “I don’t know what to give him/her!” or “I don’t know what they need or want!”, how about giving them the gift of Jesus Christ and His love for them.  Maybe it is someone who does not know Him and now is the time for you to introduce them to Christ. Or, maybe there is someone who is seeking your forgiveness. There is no better season than this one to go to  them and reconcile and demonstrate that wonderful grace of Christ.  On the other hand, could  you be  needing  to ask someone for forgiveness?  Now is a wonderful time to demonstrate  Christlike humility and seek their forgiveness.  Do you need to ask God for forgiveness or forgive yourself? When you go to God for forgiveness, you receive the most precious gift of peace, joy and grace.

The  love of Jesus Christ is a gift that is open to all, it is one size fits all and no assembly required.   How indescribable God’s love is for us.  God sent  His only Son to you and me. He died for our sins so  you and I are able to have eternal life. ( John 3:16) Each time we offer the gift of Christ, the angels sing just as they did on that first Christmas night.


Christmas Blessings!


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