He Will Have The Last Laugh!

Since I began my blog post, people have asked me how I got started.   When I think about how I got started, I realize that  there is a testimony within the whole scheme of me starting a blog site. God had been tapping on my shoulder. I had excuses.  He laughed at me and said “we’ll see”.

If you have read my post on Stop, Evaluate, Prioritize, you know that at one point, I had hit a wall and absolutely had to cool my jets for a while.  As I stopped, evaluated, and prioritized, God brought me to the realization that seasons in life were changing for me and a new purpose for me was in the process of being re-defined.  Along with that, God began tapping me on the shoulder telling me that I would be writing to testify about His love, grace, forgiveness, and His son Jesus Christ and eternal life.

God tapping me on the shoulder has gone on for over a course of a couple of years.  He would tap me on the shoulder and say  “April, this is what you need to do.” My response would be, “you talking to me?” along with “maybe later”, “I don’t think you have the right person.” I was like Moses when God told him that he would lead to free the Israelites from Egypt.  Moses’ response was “go to my brother Aaron, he is a better speaker than me.” I would tell God that he already had someone in the family doing such a task.  He already  has  my dad who is a minister, who  writes short stories, poems and has also published a couple of books.  Along with my dad, I told God that He had my son who writes, and I would also say” and  what about all those Christian authors?!” ” isn’t that enough to get the word out!”.   God listened to my excuses.  He just laughed in my face.  As He laughed at me, He kept tapping me on the shoulder telling me to share about His kingdom.

The Almighty Father never gave up on me and His purpose for me at this season of my life.  He spoke to me again and this time it was through my son Drew.   One evening, Drew and I were talking to each other. He and I got on the subject of  purpose in life and me being in a new season of my life. Not long after that conversation, Drew sent me a tweet that said “think about what you are really passionate about and let me know.” I tweeted back with “I’ll have to think about that one.”  Next thing I know, he is telling me I should blog and how to get started.  Thus, here I am  with a  blog site sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, I am sure that God is sitting up there in heaven giving Jesus and the angels a fist bump. God won and is having the last laugh with me!

Lesson learned, don’t argue with God because you will not win. You may think you don’t  have the courage to do what He calls you to do but He supplies you with what you need. I don’t know what God will tap me on the shoulder to do next but I do know that : I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. 

What is God tapping you on the shoulder to do?  What argument or excuses are you giving Him ?   Realize you might as well stop the excuses and arguing with God. I encourage you to just let Him fill you up and do the work He has commissioned you to do.  Furthermore, don’t laugh when he tells you do to something.  For, I have learned many times over that   He will have the last laugh!