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It’s Halloween weekend.  Children will be dressed up in mask and costume pretending to be the celebrity, super hero, or prince/princess.  I imagine we all can remember the days we liked to play dress up and pretend to be someone else other than ourselves.

On an every day basis,  we will get up get ready for the day sometimes in a favorite outfit and we go out to greet the world.  How many of us leave the true self in the house as we go into our world of work or other activities.  We suddenly put on the mask of who we think people want to see in us instead of letting our true selves be known.  It is very easy to do and all of us including myself have done it a time or two.

Why do we put on this mask of being someone else?  Maybe it is we are afraid we won’t be liked or loved if we let our true selves be known.  Maybe we are trying to impress someone for that position that  we really want in our job or some other organization.  Maybe it is simply the fear of rejection.

We may be able to fool people outside of our homes with our mask. But, God knows the real us . He created us. In Psalm 139: 1 The Psalm of David states: O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. God has known us before we were ever placed on this earth. He knows every thought, every sentence and every move that we are going to make throughout the day.  We don’t have to put on a mask for Him because He loves us unconditionally regardless of what we say or do.

As I said earlier,  that mask has been on my face a time or two for one reason or another. I tried hiding the real me. However,over time,  the mask became uncomfortable.  It was just like wearing that old mask on Halloween becoming sweaty and uncomfortable.   The mask became so uncomfortable that I had to take it off and just let people see the me that God created me to be.  The result of taking off the mask was that  I truly experienced God’s grace more. I  have learned the importance of what it means  to see what is truly in the heart of others, and to know it doesn’t matter what other people think of me.  God has taught me  that it is ok if I am not accepted by everyone I meet. What really matters is that I know that God loves me.   It is also my prayer that with my mask off,  people will not only see the real  April. They will see Jesus in me.

So, what do you say? It’s Halloween weekend.  How about taking that hot and uncomfortable  mask off  and letting people see the real you.   Who cares what others think when there is God who made you and loves you.

During the weekend, I encourage  you to find a quiet place with your bible and read the entire Psalm 139.  As you read, think about  and accept how much God loves you!  Then, allow others to see the true person God created you to be.


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