Does Self Get In The Way Of Your Chrisitian Walk?

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When we become a Christian, we have dedicated ourselves to Christ to live by His example in our daily walk.  Yet, there times in our daily walk that we are challenged with this commitment and we let self get in the way.   How does it feel when we give into the self and stray from that Christian example?

I, personally can tell you how it feels.  While out shopping and running errands this week, I was in one particular place of business and every  turn trying to accomplish what I had gone in to do was blowing up in my face. By the time I reached the service counter, I was aggravated, had lost all patience and wanted the situation addressed immediately. Self had taken over and walking the talk was nowhere to be found. Well, long story short, I left in a huff without any of what I had gone into purchase.  Once I got in the car and began pulling out into the street, conviction hit my heart with a wham!

God spoke to me very sternly and woke me back into reality.  He said “you are writing little faith thoughts of encouragement, inspiration and being a Christian example and look at you.” “You are unnecessarily aggravated  and you are definitely not demonstrating Christ like action.” “Whoa”, I said realizing that I was wrong for the impatience and being upset because I did not get what I wanted when I wanted/needed it. Immediately I asked God to forgive me for being impatient, for being aggravated and for not being the  Christian witness that I said I would be to others.  Along with that, I knew I had to put self away and put Christ back in the center of my focus with the rest of my day’s responsibilities.

After asking God for his grace and forgiveness, I knew I was forgiven.   See, that is the wonderful part of being a Christian. You confess your sins and you are forgiven.  Also, since that moment I am more aware of not letting self get in the way of people seeing Jesus in me.

No one ever said being a Christian is easy.  By no means are we perfected when we become a Christian.  We are to strive for perfection in our daily lives. True perfection will come in heaven.    The Apostle Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 13:5 to examine ourselves and evaluate what motivates us. Are we motivated  by our own ego and selfishness or are we motivated with  our faith and  relationship with Christ? Are we actually ‘walking the talk?’   Paul also continues to remind us to :

‘Aim for perfection, listen to my appeal, be of one mind, live in peace. And  the God of love and peace will be with you.’

          2 Corinthians 13:11 NIV

As for me, well, I am more conscious about how I act and react.   Daily, I strive to have an attitude of gratitude no matter  the circumstance.  Yes, I am sure there will be a time in the future where the self will attempt show her ugly little head once again,  but you better believe I will be more aware to  stop, breath, access, and send up a little prayer before I go a step further in my walk.

The next time you  have a laundry list of things to do and you feel like you are not getting anything accomplished  for whatever reason,take a moment, take a deep breath and send up a little prayer.  Then, ask yourself if self getting in the way of what God wants you to accomplish at that moment.   As a result of that self-evaluation,  you will be able to go up to that service counter with a smile and accept graciously that they couldn’t provide the service or item you needed that day.

Does self get in the way of your Christian walk?


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