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Jesus Greets Mary In the Garden After He Is RisnIn the last week or so, Jim and I decided to sign up for Facebook. This is something we thought we would never do since we are both easily absorbed by the computer. Yet, with so much going on with family and being away from family, we thought it would be a good way to stay connected and re-connect with some family and friends.

Since signing up for Facebook, each day I receive an email with a friend request confirmation or someone asking me to click ‘confirm’ or click ‘not now.’ As I have been going through this process, it made me think about God and our relationship with his son Jesus Christ. Are we hitting the confirm button to confirm Jesus as our friend? Or, are we clicking the ‘not now’ button and missing out on a relationship with Jesus Christ? I know that Christ has sent His ‘friend request’ to each and every one of us.   Christ is waiting for us to just reply with our confirmation to be His friend. He will never click the ‘not now’ button with us.

In today’s world, I hope most of us are clicking the confirm button and confirming our relationship with Him. If you have never asked Christ to be your friend (Lord and Savior), do it now. Asked Christ into your heart. He is there waiting for you to send Him your ‘friend request.’ I know He will definitely ‘confirm’!

The Lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear?
Psalm 27:1

For He says:
“In acceptable time I have heard you, And in the day of salvation I have helped you.” 2 Corinthians 6:2


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