STOP! EVALUATE! PRIORITIZE! What is really important to you?  Deadlines, agendas, meetings, or family and time with God? When was the last time you allowed your soul to simply be still?

It is Monday! There is the week ahead of us, lists of things to do, appointments and meetings to make and you feel like you are not caught up from last week. You just feel like saying “TIME OUT!”.  Your soul is crying to be still and your schedule is putting you in that weekly routine of having to conquer that list in front of you.

I know this feeling all too well. Several years ago, I was on that track of trying to keep up with lists, working, volunteer commitments family and keeping up with family out-of-town. Until one day, I came in and just collapsed in a chair. I realized that trying to stay on this treadmill was not good for me nor my health especially since I also deal with chronic fatigue. It was then I realized that the life I was given was far too precious and no amount of things and money could replace what was and is truly important in life. Priorities had to be evaluated and changes had to be made in order for me to enjoy the beautiful life that God had given me.  My soul was crying to be still.

Yes, learning to say no and stepping off a few responsibilities was very hard for this people pleaser. But, as time went on, I came to realize how wonderful it was to just slow down enjoy my family, friends and just sit and fellowship with God and be renewed.

I am not saying to toss all your responsibilities aside. But, I am saying that despite what the world tells us, you don’t have to be everything to everyone. Sit down and evaluate that laundry list of “things to do.” Which tasks are really important and which tasks  can you give up or maybe can assign   to someone else? Who knows you may be doing something on that list that is a chore for you but may be a joy and blessing for someone else.

I simply encourage you to make it a priority to take time to be still sit and have fellowship with God.  Renew your  energy, your mind, and your spirit  so you can  love  on  your family more and  enjoy the things you are called to do in this world.  It is amazing how you will begin to feel rested and feel joy inside your  soul.  Also, you will begin to see and experience the many blessings that God gives you each and everyday. 

As for me, I still have responsibilities that need my attention.   When things start getting too busy, I have learned to  take time out to let my soul be still and to fellowship with God. Stopping, evaluating and prioritizing is not a one time deal.  Life still gets busy and it is in those times that I have to remind myself to  remember what’s really important in the big picture of life.

STOP! EVALUATE! PRIORITZE! What is really important to you? When was it the last time you simply stopped,  had fellowship with God and enjoyed the blessings he gives you every day? 


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