Time Stood Still

Ever have one of those moments where you receive news that makes time stand still? Jim and I received such news a little over a week ago. We received news that Jim’s dad was diagnosed with possible  mesothelioma. Wow! Talk about feeling overwhelmed with multiple questions going through our minds. We just wanted the whole world to stop but it wasn’t.
Life around us was still going on.

As time went on, I came to realize that as overwhelming the news was that there are blessings to be found and experienced in the journey that has been put before us. I was also reminded that it is times such as these that it is important to just simply sit at Jesus’ feet and just let Him caress our forehead and just soak in His words of comfort, His compassion, His grace and His love for us. We have to bring all that is heavy on our hearts and place them at the feet of Jesus. I am sure that when we do this, Jesus has a gentle smile of love and compassion. He is there and glad to take our heaviness and lighten our load so we can carry on with what we need to do.

From personal experience, when hands such as what has happened with Jim’s father has been dealt, I know it is important to embrace all the blessings of each day. priorities of what is and what isn’t really important seem to come into more focus. I say events such as these is God slowing us down and making us realize what is really important in the world He created for us. It seems that when God slows us down and we look at the real priorities we tend to see more sunrises, sunsets, smiles on people’s faces and how much we really love our family.

Jim and Venita are worried about their mom and how she will get through the journey that has been given to her and their dad. One thing I know is that God does not give us anything that we cannot handle. When the time comes for needed extra strength, He will provide. I also know that Jim and Louise have strong friendships. These friendships did not happen overnight. They happened over many years of fellowship and reaching out. These very friends will be their support and I know that they will rally around them with love, prayer and presence. I am also confident that these very friends will be the voice, the face and compassion of Jesus when the toughest of times come around. They will be the greatest blessing to the family and the greatest demonstration of God’s love and grace.

Jim and I know that there will be times of questions, frustration, anger at God and the situation, as well as grief. It is in those times we have to give it all to Him. We all have to remember to give it all to Him and not take out those feelings on one another. This should be and I know will be a time where our family bond will grow stronger and we will come out all the better after going through this journey together.

As much as we all want the world to stop and take notice of what has happened with the cancer diagnosis, it doesn’t. We all will have to keep on going with what we are called to do. I know that Jim, Sr. wants to see us to continue laughing, sharing and having a good time together as we always have done. The one thing that gives Jim, Sr. joy is seeing his family getting along and enjoying life and one another. We need to be mindful to give him that joy as much as we can. Enjoy every moment and breath that is given.

Yes, we are praying for a miracle. We are praying for a chance of a misdiagnosis. What family would not  want to pray for those things? However, whatever the case may be, we will survive and we all know that God is still there. For now, we just need to sit at Jesus’ feet and allow Him to love on us with with His wonderful love and compassion. Because: Does Jesus Care

Does Jesus care when my heart is pained Too deeply for mirth or song,

As the burdens press, And the cares distress, And the way grows weary and long?

O yes, He cares, I know He cares, His heart is touched with my grief…

When the days are weary, The long night dreary, I know my Saviour cares

Taken from Cokesbury Hymnal page 180-written by Frank E. Graeff/J. Linclon Hall

You may be going through a tough time in your life. Whatever the struggle may be for you at this moment. Just remember the lyrics to the song mentioned above and to seek the blessings that God sends your way and praise Him for those blessings.  Take time today to simply sit at Jesus’ feet and feel His love and compassion.

May you experience many smiles and blessings from above today and always on your journey.

Psalm 121