Jim and I were in Chicago this past June to move Drew to a new apartment.  We got  Drew moved into his new apartment and somewhat settled in.   Can’t say the trip up and move wasn’t eventful.  Jim’s truck decided to overheat about 2 hours outside of Chicago. We literally coasted into Chicago on Lakeshore to Drew’s apartment!!  We were able to get the truck cooled down enough to move Drew from one place to another on that Friday evening (only a couple blocks apart). Then through Drew’s small group at church and one of his pastors we were able to get a mechanic to take a look at it first thing on Saturday and by lunch it was all fixed and ready for our return home that  Sunday.  For us to be out of town having truck trouble all went very well!!  God smiled on us. 
We also enjoyed worship on that  Sunday at Drew’s church. He attends Missio Dei Wrigleyville Campus.  The service was focused on the Life of David.  Again, God smiled on us through this worship experience. The people are so very friendly and welcoming.    It was amazing to hear how Missio Dei spreading the love of Jesus Christ throughout the communities of Chicago. 
  So many people think of the crime in a big city when they hear the word Chicago.  Jim and I both have remarked that whenever we are up there, we encounter Christ in some unique way. Sometimes its crossing the street on Michigan Ave.  Sometimes it is on the train or while waiting on the train.  It goes to show that in the busiest of places if the eyes and heart are open,  you can and will encounter God at working at His best.  You would think that one would come home from a place like Chicago and moving your kid,  you would be exhausted  and glad to be back in a small town like Owensboro.  But, Jim and I returned home (a little tired)  refreshed, renewed and a step closer with Christ in our walk with Him.
Jim and I stopped at the Shrine of Christ Passion on our way home from Chicago Sunday evening. It was an unique way of closing out our weekend.  We were already late in getting started for home Sunday but something said to stop.  Boy! we are so glad to listen to that voice to stop. It was an amazing and refreshing walk to take at sunset before several hours of driving.
At the Shrine of Christ Passion, we missed getting to see the Last Supper because it is inside their museum which was already closed. We somehow missed the scene of Christ praying in the garden. We started at where Jesus meets with Pilot and did the  stations of the cross from that point.  It was really beautiful. It had the most beautiful  music playing as you walked the path and an information button you could push and hear  the story of the scene you were looking at.  We took pictures.  When you get to the empty tomb it was a WOW! experience.  As I approached the tomb, I could tell there was a white linen cloth there and an angel but when I got right up to it, it was a moment of awe and excitement. There are no words of the feelings I experienced seeing the empty tomb.
Three letters sum up that weekend in June: WOW!!
 Be sure to check out this link to the Shrine of Christ’s Passion
missiodeichicago.com      where Drew worships
Blessings and Peace,
By a Carpenter mankind was made, and only by that Carpenter can mankind be remade.
 Desiderius Erasmus