Let Go and Let God

"Even when our situation does not change for the better, we can change for better."  Laura Story Bible Study As I write this post, I am  in the midst of wrapping up leading the Bible Study,  When God Doesn't Fix It  by Laura Story. In this study Laura has guided the participants by sharing  how we... Continue Reading →


He Lives!

Thoughts From The Porch

The Road to Emmaus appearance, based on Luke 2... Image via Wikipedia

Luke 24:13-35 is titled The Road To Emmaus. If you are familiar with this scripture you know that two unnamed disciples were traveling from Jerusalem to Emmaus on the day that Jesus had risen from the dead. As they were on their journey, Jesus joined them. Yet, they did not recognize the person who had joined them on their journey as Jesus. Verse 16 says their eyes were restrained, so they did not know him. This ‘stranger’ who had joined these disciples began to ask about the events that had just happened. The disciples shared the life of Jesus, His crucifixion and resurrection. After the disciples shared about Jesus and all the events that had just happened, this stranger began to quote and share the scriptures and prophecies that concerned Him.

The two disciples and Jesus  arrive to the village where they were going, and He indicated…

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Does Self Get In The Way Of Your Chrisitian Walk?

Thoughts From The Porch

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When we become a Christian, we have dedicated ourselves to Christ to live by His example in our daily walk.  Yet, there times in our daily walk that we are challenged with this commitment and we let self get in the way.   How does it feel when we give into the self and stray from that Christian example?

I, personally can tell you how it feels.  While out shopping and running errands this week, I was in one particular place of business and every  turn trying to accomplish what I had gone in to do was blowing up in my face. By the time I reached the service counter, I was aggravated, had lost all patience and wanted the situation addressed immediately. Self had taken over and walking the talk was nowhere to be found. Well, long story short, I left in a huff without any of what I had gone into…

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Remember Who You Are

” Each morning when we rise, we need to pray for wisdom, guidance and discernment. Just as Daniel stood firm in his faith we must stand firm in ours.”

Thoughts From The Porch

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possessions, that you declare praises

of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

1 Peter 2:6


Remember Who You Are

Remember who you are. Growing up in a minister’s home, these words were often to spoken to me as I would go out with friends or when I would be out with my family. Those spoken words meant behave yourself, use your manners and know that people are watching you.  In other words, my identity and reputation would be defined by my actions and by the words I would say.

Fast Forward

In 1987, I became a mom to a precious little boy named Drew. As I began to raise him and send him out, I soon heard my mom coming out of my mouth as he would leave the house.

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The Person I’ve Become

Thoughts From The Porch

girl looking in the mirror

This morning I looked in the mirror and wonder who I’ve become;

How can I be loved after all I have done?

The choices I’ve made;

The things I’ve done are making me numb.


Then a voice within tells me that He is not done;

For I am His and He is with me;

Bible with heart

I pulled out the Good Book and turn the unworn pages;

I read how God sent His SON;

Christ on the cross

 God sent His only begotten SON;

So I can change the person I’ve become.

heart and light

The words flowed  through my heart how through HIS death

I’m a forgiven one.

These precious words began to sink in;

He tells me to confess my sins;

And, to invite Him in.

Together, we will begin again.

God sent His only begotten Son

So I can change the person I’ve become.

girl smiling in the mirror

This morning I looked in the mirror;

And, I see the person…

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